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Munger Musings
12/6/23Colleen Wilcox

The Wilcox Report
01/16/23Colleen Wilcox

The Wilcox Report
06/30/22Colleen Wilcox

COMPASS Luxury Division
11/8/21 Leonard Steinberg

What Do I Do With The Stuff?
09/16/21 Leonard Steinberg

The Downsizing Dilemma

30 Real Estate Fundamentals
02/26/21 Colleen Wilcox

Here is a checklist of 30 real estate evaluation fundamentals that never seem to go out of style.

What Is a 72-hour Clause?
06/17/20 Colleen Wilcox

Unless you’re well-versed in legalese, you may have a hard time wading through all the technical jargon and industry lingo that are typically included in a real estate contract.