COMPASS Luxury Division

DID YOU KNOW? COMPASS has a LUXURY DIVISION that focuses on helping the marketing of ultra-luxe properties.....while this may not be your arena, doing so helps ALL at COMPASS in that it elevates the brand awareness and messages that we sell the best of the best...everywhere! Through targeted digital advertising, luxury consumers are driven to the Luxury Division website, and Compass’ luxury properties, each month. Our luxury digital ads reach high net worth consumers living in affluent enclaves across the country.
  • - Over 90% of our ad views are coming from Google’s highest income bracket. 

  • - Consumers are seeing our luxury digital ads appear on reputable media outlets such as the New York Times, Forbes, CNN, the WSJ app, Business Insider, Financial Times, Bloomberg, FoxNews and more

  • - This year alone, our luxury digital ads have received over 30M views, with 4.7M impressions this month alone. 


The Fall / Winter 2021 Edition of Curated Magazine launched this week. This specialized periodical featured 127 of Compass’ most prestigious properties from 19 states. 139 agents participated in this edition of Curated Magazine. Curated Magazine reaches an audience of over 75,000 luxury consumers, top brokers, and qualified buyers around the world

  • - 47,500 print and digital distribution to wealthy consumers in the U.S. and internationally 

  • - 22,500 print and digital distribution to luxury brokers around the world 

  • - 3,000 print distribution to luxury brand partners including Rolls Royce, NetJets, Northrup & Johnson, and Morgan Stanley

  • - Compass Curated has the potential to reach hundreds of thousands of luxury consumers 

  • - The #CompassCurated hashtag has been used over 950 times 

  • - The #LuxuryatCompass hashtag has been used over 650 times


The Luxury Division website offers Compass agents and their clients a source for browsing the most prestigious properties from across the nation, sorted by lifestyle and location. 

Over 70% of visits to come directly, indicating high engagement with luxury content 

  • - On average we see about 30K website visits per month

  • - Over 70% of these visitors come from Luxury Division content, including Luxury Trends and Curated, indicating that these eyes are not only quantity but quality! These emails are sent to curated lists of luxury consumers around the world - and this list is continuously growing.

International consumers are engaging most with regional content 

  • - The top sections of the site is the “Property” section, the most visiting California, New York and Florida

  • - Curated Magazine is the 2nd most popular section of the website 

  • - About 15% of website visitors are international

  • - The top 5 international countries by visit to the website (In order) are United Kingdom, Russia, France, United Arab Emirates and Hong Kong.

  • - On average, our website content has viewers engaged over 2x the average!